Sara mei





I was born in Rome, Italy.  Following my desire to live abroad, I moved to the UK in 2003 where I currently live and perform in London, the city in which I began my acting career.

I graduated at the Brian Timoney Actors Studio in 2013 where I developed my stage, film, and television craft. I further honed my abilities in an intensive training program in Los Angeles, CA (made available through the BTAS) .

Since then, I have landed several roles in both on-screen and theatre projects. Accepting the lead role in “Autopsy” (a dramatic television series) where I portrayed the late Brittany Murphy. I have also appeared in the Tinie Temper music video ‘5 minutes’ as well as several independent projects showcasing my range and depth as an actress.

I am a multilingual actress, speaking English and Italian fluently as well as Portuguese and Spanish on a conversational level.



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