Joie de vivre paired with dramatic insight-  the principle essentials and driving forces behind photographer Sara Mei’s latest collection, SOLO.  Drawing from a history in theatre and film, the Italian born, London based Mei captures life through her lens in a way that is wholly unique to her.   Her passion of expression and love for photography are evident in her works.  Inspired by the courageous vulnerability of being one in the spotlight set against a dark stage, SOLO celebrates the simplistic beauty of a subject while accentuating its most intimate features.  


Flowers, the theme of this latest offering to modern contemporary photography from Mei, are a familiar subject for this artist having been the theme of her two previous collections - STATE and SHE.SELF.  A subconscious influence from childhood, it was not until developing SOLO that Sara realised that it was her mother’s love for the blossoms that has been the source of inspiration for her work and the origins of her passion for the subject. “It was not a choice to shoot flowers, it was a need, a compulsion and a calling.”


Sara’s previous work, STATE, gained notoriety after winning the Viewbug Member Selection Award and the Summer Selection Award in 2016.  She has also been featured on the ‘Behind The Lens’ blog, where she describes her inspiration and the creative process behind her work. 





Treasure Award, SOLO  Intimate

Winter Award 2020, SOLO  Intimate

Lucky 3 Award , STATE Silver Drops



Member Selection Award , STATE Silver Drops

Elite Award , SOLO Patience


Great Shot October 2018 Award , STATE Gold Drops


Summer Selection Award , STATE Silver Drops

STATE - Silver Drops featured by Viewbug

Featured by Viewbug - STATE collection.p


Spring 21 Award, SOLO  Intimate